there is space in between the nothingnesses and there is hum and human in this inbetweeness it might be liquid i might be liquid too i think somebody might just be walking through my surface the surface is taunt but flexible very thin like a thin sheet of metal almost thinned out to the thinness of a paper cut it is very warm now very cotton like very cloudlike after rain on the top of a structure of a mountain paper presses and coffee mills and a jagged movement the flickering moment the subtle contraction of vowels on the back of the tongue i am condensing coagulating the twitching movements into the air swarming the edge of scissors used for decorative purposes of mulching munching i am the skin of mulberries too glassy i move on and fall onto the texture like the walls crushing cruising behind a corner of the eye who solidified this? who did this to this? how did it solidify into this? the tendons. do you see the tendons relaxing? and the rig the rug between two cylinders a thin rope and there you put your laundry to dry the air circulating through the edges around the window yes cycling machine from a cyclone wetness of the cloth is put on the air neatly folded put on the air and hang the air to dry on the clothesline neatly so the temperature envelops it evenly now it is good now it is evenly distributed the entropy can move on the stretching of a chewing gum i pause i suppose i su-pause co-coordinating sleep i move into a twig looking out of this notice greyness and awareness and dust a miniscule bicycle how do you even call this thing this then thickening sand smushed between a line and a line and a line do we not have linear geometry for this until a pine becomes a plane and a line a lane and it is noon of course here is another one and another one and some glue to keep it together