Magical Objects

Magical Objects are a collection of about 20 scannographs interested in how we observe nature in relation to human technology and its gaze upon the substances that form nature bodies, human bodies, and machine bodies. It is also interested in errors, glitches and changes that visually occur through generating visual material this way. The "magical" in these objects is thus less tied to anything supernatural, and more to the sense of wonder and rediscovering usually unnoticed textures, shapes, forms, elements, functions or qualities of objects, nature and technology that our living environment consists of.

Part of the Era of Spiders Molting research.

⭕ Prozori gallery as part of Format C's Pivilion project, 2021
⭕ online exhibition at The Wrong Biennale of digital art as part of Pivilion project, 2021/2022

⭕ fu:bar - glitch art festival, online, 2020
⭕ Spot gallery, Zagreb, april 2022   upcoming  
⭕ Flora gallery, Dubrovnik, june 2022   upcoming