Utopia of extended here and now

Utopia of extended here and now is an 11 hour event/performance conceived as a choreography of an environment. The audience is invited to enter, leave, watch, listen, stay, eat and rest within this all-night environment. Utopia arises through the experience of the collective – through the ambivalence of its definition as an object of art or a category of the social. The author of the project, dance artist Sonja Pregrad, begins from the medium of a dance performance but with the intention that its environment and its parts are thought differently - as an installation, as a concert, a film, a performance, an essay... leaving the choice open to every visitor. By extending the duration of a work and expanding the space beyond just the performative or the visual - to the spaces of all present bodies and objects, including indoor and outdoor spaces of the Jedinstvo building - the performance of an environment takes over the design of time and space in this extended choreography.

- excerpt translated from web/booklet

This work was performed in physical space, and as an adaptation of the material as an 11h long online performance/environment.

video trailer, Pogon Jedinstvo

online performance documentation

Symbiota, an essay, performance writing web remnants

Room 1

Room 2

⭕ Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia, 2020
⭕ Antisezona 20, Museum of Contemporary Art/Online/public spaces in Zagreb

concept:Sonja Pregrad
co-creators & performers: DISCOllective, Tin Dožić, Teuta Gatolin, Andro Giunio, Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Lana Hosni, Vanda Kreutz, Branimir Norac, Josipa Štulić
production: Četveroruka/Fourhanded, Antisezona 20
financial support:Kultura Nova, Ministry of Culture Croatia, City of Zagreb

photo documentation:
Tara Ivanišević, artist's personal archive