in collaboration with Iva Korenčić 2018/2019    

Detuning/Phantasma combines the interest into the agency of materials, community and spatiality, developed through the first volume of Detunings, with Korenčić's art research into somatic psychoanalytics, body and sculpture. The work consists of a series of sessions/workshops where participants are forming the work alongside the authors, through working with materials, found objects, drawing, movement, writing and setting the final spatial installation format.

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⭕ Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia, 2019

Eva Milković, Larisa Mravunac, Jiao Guo, Hana Novoselec, Marin Tudor

production support:
Ministry of Culture and Media Croatia, City of Zagreb, European Union Social Fund

photo documentation:
Sanja Bistričić