Warmth is about a 200m tall chimney of the thermal power plant EL-TO, built in the 80s and situated in TreĆĄnjevka, one of Zagreb's neighbourhoods that, during Yugoslavia, used to be an industrial zone whose residential buildings housed the majority of factory workers employed in the area. With the industry closing after the fall of Yugoslavia, the neighbourhood has first been neglected for a while, then started to develop as an IT centre in recent years, but is also slowly and steadily becoming gentrified. The power plant is surrounded by a large sports centre, a stretch of lawn, abandoned factories, a railway and many residential houses, both old and new. From the author's kitchen the chimney is clearly visible, very close, very huge, very haunted by futures lost in the transition, and the potential of loosing yet unknown futures. "Home" is negotiated and searched for. The research is a work-in-progress presented through animated video, 3d landscape and textiles embroidered with photographs and left outside to weather for various amounts of time.

⭕ Nova gallery, Zagreb, Croatia, 2022   upcoming