Foundations is a growing collection of poetry-based artist books gathered around the idea of remixing the knowledge foundations we have inherited from the previous centuries, especially in regards to how these foundations influence today's ideas of ecological sustainability. The work is also focused on researching language as a connective tissue of human time. Currently altered books include James Hutton's 1788 geology study Theory of the Earth, Nikola Tesla's 1892 lecture on electric discharges Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency, and Galileo Galilei's 1632 Dialogue. The books consist of poetry generated by altering original texts through blacking/whitening out words, changing their relation to other parts of the sentence, phonemic or graphemic repetition, choreographing the page, and other methods. If illustrations are present in the original text, they are remixed in the medium of scannography. This altered text of an original or official English translation is then translated into Croatian.

Part of the Era of Spiders Molting research.

⭕ Media Mediterranea festival, The Golden Watermelon, SKC gallery, Pula, Croatia, 2021
⭕ Youth Salon: Parasites, Meštrović pavillion/HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia, 2022  upcoming  

excerpt Of the Earth (eng)
excerpt Of the Earth (cro)                                                                       

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