Era of Spiders Molting

Spiders is an art research interested in how developing ways of storytelling ecology could aid in overcoming the Anthropocene by offering practices of soft resistance and normalising sustainability ideas into how everyday identity is felt and acted upon. This work researches how nature narratives through history have affected human behaviour (towards the environment), who or what influenced these narratives, and how "nature" is conceptualised, imagined, spoken about and thought about today. The methods used in this work borrow from Harraway's idea of speculative fabulation, Naess's theories about deep ecology, various Earth/Gaian mythologies and trickster stories found through various periods in various places.

The work is presented as one large installation, and a series of smaller installation pieces with more material developed around an individual location being researched, or a specific topic being focused on. Setting the work in a gallery and deciding which materials will form its "frame", depends upon the location of the exhibition, specific qualities possibly present in the space, and general context of the venue. A small new segment is added upon each public showing. The exhibition format thus purposefully allows elements of the research to spill into each other, connect and entangle the materials differently with each exhibition, mimicking how living organisms in nature move, grow, ferment, dissolve.

⭕ Karas gallery, Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb, Croatia 2021
⭕ Loggia gallery, Croatian Associations of Artists Split, Split, Croatia, 2022   upcoming  
⭕ Gallery Flora, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2022   upcoming  
⭕ Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia, 2022   upcoming  

production support:
Ministry of Culture and Media Croatia

thank you...
...Nicole Hewitt, OZAFIN ALU, Slavica Budimlija, Valentina Butumović, Iva Korenčić

photo documentation:
Juraj Vuglač