Tender Buttons/
Stuck in a tub to watch the future develop at this rate

This research is interested in nostalgia, especially in relation to consumer technology, late capitalism, work, ecological crises, the internet and today's technological abilities to archive the past. Through this research I'm also interested in the idea of the agency of technology itself, its possible non-human past(s) connected to the Earth's deep history, and the influences they have upon language, writing, semantics, literature, storytelling.

The research consults and references Svetlana Boym's work on nostalgia, Mark Fisher's ideas about lost futures, Duchamp's infrathin, language playwork of Gerturde Stein's Tender Buttons and Joyce's Ulysses, among others.

Currently the work consist of digital collages, poetry, audio recordings and divination cards.

⭕ NMG@Praktika gallery, Split, Croatia, 2023   TBA  

◌ part of initial research developed through a fellowship at WHW Akademija in 2021