Fermentations I.
in collaboration with Valentina Butumović as Mokošh collective

Fermentations are a research into visualising the layers of deep time and nature changes that have shaped the city of Zagreb and its surrounding area, using the city's underground water reservoir as a starting point. The work is presented as a collage and an artist book that follow the tangled time of swamp areas becoming flower beds around the National Theatre, creeks turning into streets, fishing lakes turning into parks and cafés, fields of wheat becoming residential neighbourhoods, and other metamorphoses that have happened to this city or are still ongoing, their shape being fermented as time moves through their matter.

The the work is built by exploring various physical and online archives for historical documenents (old photographs, postcards, letters...), in parallel to wandering the city on foot, documenting and exploring its physical psychogeography. The collected materials are then remixed, rewritten, collaged, scanned and otherwise altered.

⭕ Kamba pop-up gallery, Zagreb, Croatia, 2021

production support:
Ministry of Culture and Media Croatia, City of Zagreb

thank you...
...Željko Beljan, Elena Pietri                                                                       

photo documentation:
Valerija Djanešić, Zvonimir Ferina