HOME is an intermedia dance performance interested in the non hierarchical space of dialogue where one art medium creates its material by translating another - sound translates choreography instructions, choreography takes from the strategies of the video projection, the video transcribes the process of the costumes being made on stage, and the costumes translate the bodily experience of creating sound. Interested in choreography as an intelligence of a community, the work questions the various meanings of what "home"could be - how can we be a home to our own bodies, how can we be a home to somebody else. What is a body as a home and a location of permanent discontinuities? What does it then mean, in this context, to share a part of one's identity (and work/medium) with another (artist)?

- excerpt translation from booklet

video trailer

⭕ Improspections - festival of improvisation
⭕ Zagreb Dance Week festival, 2018

concept & choreography:Sonja Pregrad
co-creators & performers: Laura Barić, Valerija Cerovec, Teuta Gatolin, Lana Hosni, Ema Kani, Vilte Svarplyte, Josipa Štulić
dramaturgy support: Iva Nerina Sibila
production: Četveroruka/Fourhanded
production support:OZAFIN ALU, dance centre Tala, Platforma.hr (project TASK)
financial support:Kultura Nova, Ministry of Culture Croatia, City of Zagreb

photo documentation:
Tara Ivanišević, Toni Mijač